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Strategy Consultant and Management Consultant Specialist


Consultants working for banks, audit firms and IT companies typically aim to cross sell and safeguard group interests. As an independent adviser I can guarantee that my client’s goals are also my goals.

Risk Sharing

My success is based on the success of my projects. Whenever my client achieves the set goals and acknowledges my contribution, I get rewarded. Otherwise, I will offer alternative solutions and share the risk by adjusting my fees.

Knowledge Transfer

Consultants aiming to protect their business don’t share models, don’t educate your team and prefer working separately. My approach is different: I consider myself a member of your project team ready to openly share knowledge.


My approach to consulting excludes using standard templates and imported solutions. Different countries have different corporations and different people. Therefore, advice needs to be original, customized and practicable.

Is management living up to your target corporate culture?

Make a difference with inspiring speeches and strong messages.

International Experience

When your firm is competing internationally, then your consultant also needs to be able to act and think internationally.

Practicable Models

I appreciate working with clear goals, realizing change and getting things done. Therefore, you will find my approach and models to be plain and effective.

Authentic Mentoring

In order to see the true status of a company I observe, talk, make site visits and always keep up the dialogue with my client.

High Standards

My consulting services are based on an academic background and work experience that can be traced back to the most prestigious institutions in their fields.

Modern Management Science

Based on my strong language skills I am able to follow the latest in management trends and academic research at its source and can integrate these into my project work.

Multifaceted Approach

I value looking at things from different perspectives. My problem solving approach combines strategic, cultural, financial, psychological and international relations mindsets.

Number of Strategic Projects
Highest Project Value (€bn)
Years of Project Experience

15 Years of Corporate Advisory experience

Strategy Consultancy, Management Consultant, Corporate Culture Consultancy, Leadership Training.


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