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Sales, Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships

As Your Advisor I Will ...

Ask Critical Questions

You can count on me also asking the not so pleasant questions

I will ensure that the main strategic principles are always taken into account during the transaction process

Potential requirements with regards to the upcoming integration of the acquisition target will be another important area of consideration

Uncover Risks

My international project experience will be at your service during the critical due diligence phase of the transaction

I will ensure that the strategic perspective isn’t neglected in the heat of the transaction process

The lack of execution knowledge and experience on either sides can become a significant transaction risk. I will help recognize and resolve the critical issues

Smoothen the Transaction Process

Each transaction bears considerable potential for dispute and confrontation. I will bring in my experience and credibility to mitigate and possibly resolve such risk

I will advise and support you in order to ensure a targeted and efficient interaction with your business partner and his advisers. This will be of particular importance in cross-border transactions

Strong Partnerships

Make successful market entries based on strong partnerships


Reduce sales, administration and R&D expenses through partnerships

Competitive Advantage

Gain access to new technologies and business models

Market Positioning

Protect your purchasing and sales channels from competitors

“The organizational and cultural issues which arise during strategic partnerships and in the aftermath of takeovers are unfortunately neglected by deal teams who  are solely focused on successfully executing the transaction.”

Scott Moeller
Expert M&A and Strategic Partnerships
University of London Cass Business School

Critical Success Factor=Thorough Integration Planning and Fast Execution

Integration Program

Integration Plan
Communication Plan
Organizational Structure
Personnel Plan
Functional Integration
New Corporate Culture