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Strategic Planning

As Your Advisor I Will ...

Help Overcome Corporate Myopia

  • I will encourage you to prioritize and deal with the really pressing issues of your company
  • My advice always will aim at opening up new perspectives that transcend the usual thinking patterns
  • My focus will be to flag potential fundamental strategic mistakes in the project

Safeguard International Standards

  • I will advise you on keeping up with international project standards and on carefully considering the expectations of investors

Focus on Competitive Advantage

  • My advice always targets your firm’s future market success and profitability

“It’s much more important to do the right things than doing things right.”

Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005)
Strategy and management expert

Strategic planning is ...

  • Annualy recurring systematic planning process
  • Forward-thinking action plan which is designed to ensure future success and competitiveness of the company
  • Totally new and original market positioning of the company
  • Critical assessment of the company’s competitive positioning based on business acumen, deep insight into the operations of the company and examination of core business aspects

… is not

  • Short-sighted tactical measures designed to react to market events
  • Summary of measures targeting to temporarily improve certain financial ratios
  • Financial, market entry or innovation planning
  • Approach to validate the current strategy

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Michael E. Porter
Strategy and management scientist – Harvard Business School

Common Strategic Planning Pitfalls

Basic Mistakes

Narrow Perspective

  • The strategy team gets entangled in the details; the participants do not see the forest but the trees
  • Genuinely new and valuable strategic options are overlooked and the same old strategic moves are preferred instead

Lack of Tangibility

  • The draft strategic plan is not questioned in detail and checked for inconsistencies
  • Therefore, strategies remain abstract and cause difficulties in their practical application

Process management flaws

  • Underestimation of the extraordinary importance of the human factor within the strategic planning process
  • The strategy team members’ strategic capacity and emotional/social sensitivities are neglected; Time slots for training and consensus building are not accounted for

Incorrect Strategic Analysis

  • Corporate strategic requirements are diagnosed incorrectly and/or incompletely
  • Problems are not categorized by assessing multi-layeredness and complexity

“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: Its starting point.”

Henry Mintzberg
Strategy and management scientist
McGill University Faculty of Management