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    Uğur Tansu Yolaçaner

    Strategy & Leadership Consultant


    Uğur Tansu Yolaçaner is a management consultant and speaker firmly determined to deliver exceptional business advice. He lived and worked in diverse cultural environments, speaks fluent Turkish, English, German and thus is able to deploy a truly international background in his pojects.


    Producing tangible solutions and managing change projects


    In his 15 years of “dependent” consulting work in the UK and Germany with Merrill Lynch, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Commerzbank Uğur Tansu Yolaçaner has led numerous strategic and corporate finance advisory projects. During this period he developed specific expertise in planning and managing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) initiatives.


    Training modern leaders, developing successful business strategies


    Ind. Kfm. (Industrial business administration, Siemens Academy, Germany)

    Dipl. Kfm. ( Graduate Business Administration, European Business School, Germany)

    M.A. International Affairs (Columbia University, USA)

    Strategic Planning, M&A Projects, Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Corporate Finance, Investor Relations

    Siemens, Schroders, Merrill Lynch, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Commerzbank

    Multicultural, Strategic Thinking, Organization and Planning

    Cannot lie

    Producing tangible solutions and managing change projects

     Training modern leaders, developing successful business strategies

    Change and Development, Equivalence and Dialogue,
    Sincerity and Courtesy, Independence and Responsibility

    Turkish, English, German

    London, New York, Frankfurt, Brussels, Dijon, San Francisco

    (1) Do all the things you want to do, but think you cannot do.

    (2) Personal growth has four preconditions: Being industrious, suffering, going through fear and doing all this on one’s own volition.

    Family, Child Education, Books, Research, Personal Growth, Swimming, Meditation, Classical Music, Alaçatı

    Chariots of Fire, The Pursuit of Happiness

    15 Years of Consulting Experience