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Awareness is the Key for Personal Growth

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Speeches, that breathe live into knowledge and move the audience are the most effective tool for igniting corporate change …


The speeches of Uğur Tansu Yolaçaner are designed for conferences, conventions and corporate seminars. The speaker is well acquainted with business and management issues and uses that background to introduce up-to-date, tangible and practicable ideas to his audience


The speeches cover aspects of modern leadership and are the result of comprehensive and detailed research which also reflects the speakers’ multi-faceted, international experience


In his speeches Yolaçaner emphasizes structure, clarity and workability. His intention is to spark new ideas and to move the audience into action


To wake up his audience the speaker does not shy away from touching on uncomfortable aspects. He also brings in his personal experience to support his messages and to create a memorable experience for his audience.

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Human
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Independence
  • Insight
  • Change
  • Willpower
  • Mastery
  • Growth
  • Leadership responsibility can only be granted to managers, who earned recognition based on their exceptional personality profile.
  • First of all a leader must love the interaction with people.
  • There is a source out of which the leader draws inspiration, hope and passion in times of change. This force is called ambition.
  • Leaders have supporters; Managers have employees.
  • Innovation is a leadership competence.
  • Innovation comes from diversity.
  • There isn’t much thought, if all think the same.
  • A “Can do” mindset will encourage creativity. Whereas a “Cannot do” mindset undermines creativity.
  • Most big inventions result from the observation and reflection of little, known occurrences, which on a daily basis are seen, but not acknowledged by many people
  • We love possession and use people. Actually, it should be the other way round.
  • The only purpose of life is to serve humanity.
  • Despite all differences humans are of equal value. This is the reason why everybody deserves the same amount of love, respect and fairness.
  • You are only as good as the people you hire.
  • If you don’t take responsibility, you cannot become a leader.
  • Taking responsibility means standing behind the decisions taken and not complaining.
  • People trust people, who trust themselves.
  • Nobody wants to hear a truth delivered in a reckless and merciless fashion.
  • Focus more on the strengths, less on the weaknesses of other people.
  • People who predominantly see the bad in others, often think badly about themselves, too.
  • Real independence is to have the opportunity to take over responsibility and to make use of it.
  • Independence requires taking responsibility. That is why people are afraid of it.
  • Not needing approval is the best way of getting approval.
  • Defence is the result of conflict. The use of defence mechanisms is an indicator for inner conflicts.
  • Leaving personal development to chance means allowing others and/or astrology to determine your personal profile.
  • Accepting fear is overcoming fear.
  • People don’t fear failure. They fear being blamed for failure.
  • Leaders have understood that change is the key for success. It has been proven that employees open to change and busy with achieving things are a happier and more productive lot.
  • He not busy being born is busy dying.
  • Projects are ignited by motivation, but finalized by habits.
  • He who cannot lead himself, must be led by others.
  • Each master has once started at zero.
  • Mastery is the reward for going through dips in the learning process without giving up.
  • If you always win, you don’t ask questions; including the important ones.
  • Failures make you wise and skillful.
  • Don’t fear perfection, as you will never come across it.
  • Undoubtedly, mastery and management knowledge are important. Nevertheless, really impressive leaders distinguish themselves through their extraordinary level of personal development.
  • Leadership development first and foremost is about the development of better humans.
  • Everybody wants to change the world. Interestingly, nobody thinks of changing him- or herself.
  • Personal growth has four preconditions: (1) Being industrious, (2) suffering, (3) going through fear and (4) doing all this on one’s own volition.
  • Do all the things you want to do, but think you cannot do.
  • Always be yourself.
  • Our greatest fear is also our greatest potential for personal growth.