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    The mental substructure of innovation

    The internet revolution has shrunk the world and made markets much more transparent.
    Now, the competition is far from being solely local. Customers can order anywhere in the world, compare price-value relations of products almost effortlessly and make much more informed purchasing decisions based on easily accessible customer reviews.

    Under these circumstances companies are forced to critically review the key success factors of their business model. And what most of them realize is that innovation potential is a factor ranking very high on their list.

    In his speech, Yolaçaner lays out the mental substructure of innovation and presents fresh ideas for optimally using personal and collective innovative capacity.


    The mental principles of high performance

    Indian monk Boddhidharma founded a monastery in Central China near the province of Zheng Zhou in the year 515. This monastery is very special, as Buddhist monks are practicing and developing Shaolin Kung-Fu there with great passion and discipline.

    Shaolin monks have almost superhuman bodily and mental capabilities. Hence, it is very worthwhile examining the basis and secrets of this capacity. The study of this extraordinary lot’s life philosophy and daily routines permits us a unique insight into the principles of high performance.

    Yolaçaner is convinced that the study of the Shaolin Way can have a highly valuable contribution to modern leadership teachings. On this assumption, he talks about the mental principles that the Shaolin are using to mobilize the energy, which they are utilizing for their miraculous high performances.