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    Corporate Culture Development

    As Your Advisor I Will ...


    Identification and evaluation of your firm’s identity, values and ambitions

    Appraisal of the potential for change

    Determination and assessment of leadership philosophies on the lower, middle and upper management levels

    Dedicate Time to Fieldwork in the Company

    Assessment of the feedback potential for employees, customers and suppliers

    Evaluation of the corporate training program

    Analysis of the company knowledge management system

    Propose Concrete Development Plans

    Trust=Breeding Ground of the Company

    Shared Ambition

    • Attaching meaning to all corporate initiatives
    • Moving employees towards the assumption of responsibility

    Shared Values

    • Offering employees orientation in a world of constant change
    • Help overcome crises

    Shared Identity

    • Bringing employees together and strengthening the feeling of community
    • Driving employees towards feeling proud and honoured of being a part of the company

    Dialogue=Appreciation Mechanism of the Company


    • Authorisation to invest and budgeting responsibility
    • Learning organization and development of each employee’s potential
    • Promoting mobility

    Project Management

    • Transferring authority to manage and to make decisions
    • Granting enough space for trying out new processes
    • Social responsibility

    Human Needs

    • People like to be appreciated
    • They want to take on responsibility and make own decisions
    • They need dialogue and opportunities to contribute

    Innovation=Future Guarantee of the Company

    Focus On Radical Innovation

    • Understanding the extraordinary impact of radical innovation on competitive positioning
    • Increased risk capacity
    • Delegating incremental innovation to other corporate entities

    Innovation Management

    • Knowledge and network management systems
    • Capacity for partnerships
    • Innovcation finance

    Innovation Strategy

    • Should be drafted within a framework of dialogue
    • Requires to be concrete and practical
    • Written strategy to be distributed to all stakeholders